Speciality Cable

Our specialty cable solutions cater to an extensive range of specific markets including automotive, robotic, industrial, and railway industries.

Our specialty cable solutions cater to an extensive range of specific markets including automotive, robotic, industrial, and railway industries.

We produce a wide range of water blocking materials for control and data cables used in pilot cables and quad cables.

  1. Non-Conductive separation tape
  2. Water blocking yarn
  • Non-Conductive separation tape 1
  • Water blocking yarn 2
Suitable for automotive, robotic,
industrial, and railway industries
Speciality Cable

Features and benefits

Extreme tensile strength with no noise during cable manipulation, easy processing and proven long-term stability.

  • Large Gap
    Water Blocking
  • Extreme Marine
    Grade Swelling
  • High
    Speed Processing

Frequently asked questions

Technical support

Geca Tapes technical staff are able to provide customers with cable development assistance including suggestions for tapes, yarns and binders and can even help with experimental designs to determine the most cost-effective method to water block a specified type of cable.

  • Do you supply products globally?
    Yes, from our production facility in France, we ship our cable products to cable manufacturers around the world.
  • Where are your tapes produced?
    Our tapes are produced in Bailleul, Northern France, where we have several production lines dedicated to the cable market.
  • Do we convert ourselves or do we work with partners?
    We have a converting department in our production facility in France, however we work with a few external converters to improve the logistical process if required.
  • What does water blocking mean?
    Water blocking refers to the ability to stop the flow of water inside an underground cable after it has been damaged. The water entry must be kept to a minimum to avoid replacement of any long length of underground cable.
  • Can your tapes protect against sea water?
    Yes, we have a product family of "Marine" tapes that are specifically designed to provide longitudinal water blocking inside subsea cables in installed in sea water.
  • Do you only supply non-woven tapes?
    No, we also supply other products like water blocking yarns and woven binder tapes with optional conductivity and water blocking features.
  • How can a cable manufacturer benefit from using a spool instead of a roll?
    A spool contains more running meters of material, so the use of spools could dramatically reduce the change over time in cable production. Please ask for more information.
  • How Geca Tapes differentiates from competition?
    Started in 1986, Geca Tapes has been in the cable market for many years as a leading supplier with high quality and excellent service. As we produce our materials from fibre to finished goods, we can react on market needs quickly and focus on development.

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