Semi-conductive TopSwell polyester tape, with high performance water blocking properties and great flexibility for easy processing.

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Power Cable

  • Rapid
    Swelling Speed
  • Proven
    Long Term Stability
  • Excellent
    Swelling Height

Product Information



  • General water blocking of open spaces inside all power cables
  • Longitudinal water blocking of screen area of medium voltage cables



Black White

Traverse Wound Spool

Availability Yes No

Type of cable

Water Blocking Tapes


Semi Conductive

Typical Properties

Description GTC2930BL Test Method
Mass Per Unit Area (g/m2) 120 ISO-9073-1
Thickness (mm) 0.35 ISO-9073-2
Tensile Strength (N/cm) 45 ISO-9073-3
Elongation (%) 13 ISO-9073-3
Swelling Speed (mm/ 1'00") 8 GTEST20*
Swelling Height (mm/ 3'00") 12 GTEST20*
Surface Resistance (Ω) 1500 IEC 62631-3-3
Volume Resistance (MΩ.cm) 0.15 DIN-54345
Maximum Processing Temperature (°C) 230 GTEST12*
Maximum Service Temperature (°C) 90 IEC-216

* Geca-Tapes Test Method

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