Semi-conductive TopSwell polyester tape, with high performance water blocking properties and great flexibility for easy processing.

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Power Cable

  • Rapid
    Swelling Speed
  • Proven
    Long Term Stability
  • Excellent
    Swelling Height

Product Information



  • General water blocking of open spaces inside all power cables
  • Longitudinal water blocking of screen area of medium voltage cables



Black White

Traverse Wound Spool

Availability Yes No

Type of cable

Water Blocking Tapes


Semi Conductive

Typical Properties (T = 23ºC - RH = 50%)

Description GTC2030BL Test Method
Mass per Unit Area (g/m2) 105 ISO-9073-1
Thickness (mm) 0.3 ISO-9073-2
Tensile Strength (N/cm) 50 ISO-9073-3
Elongation (%) 12 ISO-9073-3
Swelling Speed (mm/1'00'') 8 GTEST20*
Swelling Height (mm/2'00'') 12 GTEST20*
Maximum Processing Temperature (°C) 230 GTEST12*
Maximum Service Temperature (°C) 90 IEC-216
Surface Resistance (Ω/□) 1500 IEC-167
Volume Resistance (MΩ.cm) 0.5 DIN-54345

* Geca-Tapes Test Method

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