Geca Tapes is the world's leading expert on water blocking telecom fact we literally "wrote the book" on the subject as evidence by the third edition of the "Blue Book" available on this website. Geca materials are used in a broad variety of telecom cable applications including:

# Loose tube optical cables
# Central tube optical cables
# Slotted core optical cables
# Ribbon in loose tube optical cables
# Buffer tube water blocking
# Copper telephone cables

All Geca Tapes materials contain a patented corrosion inhibitor system to protect metals inside the cable. As a result, Geca yarns and tapes are qualified to water block all types of optical cables including dielectric, steel tape armored, steel wire armored, "metallic" cables with aluminum tapes, etc.

For telecom cables, no other supplier provides such a wide range of products for such a wide range of applications.